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About Me

If you’ve come to this page… chances are you’re wondering who this Dan Deyette guy is!

Career Titles:

– First sort of “job” was doing web design for clients in the USA and locally.
– Between the ages of 15-17 I helped in a computer store
– I opened a computer store with a partner in Alberta in 2002
– In 2003-4 I was in various worker/management roles in the Call Center Industry
– In 2005 I joined The Internet Marketing Center as a Tech Support rep.
– In 2006 I became a marketing coach at The Internet Marketing Center
– In 2008 I co-founded a marketing agency in Coquitlam B.C.

Career Highlights:

– Wrote and published the first book on Email Deliverability “Maximum Open Rates”
– Taught Email Marketing at Brighton College
– Spoken at two major Tech conferences with over 200 in attendance
– Started a free clothing charity that now has multiple locations
– Creator of, the only platform agnostic funnel tracking system

Brands I’ve worked with:

Advantage Rent a Car
Sketchers Shoes
Disney Interactive
HP & Compaq Computer
AT&T & Comcast.. and others!

While I’ve done long-term contracts for agencies and local companies, I’ve basically had the
same company (AnswersWanted Inc) since 2008. In 2015 my coder Michelle joined and became
a Partner at AnswersWanted and we’re now employing 4 programmers.

Now for what’s not written or explained above. I’ve spent many years working
different roles in digital marketing. It took a long time to learn what my core skills are.

While I have experience in Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click ads, Facebook and
various social media marketing… I’ve been a copywriter, mild graphic designer and web designer
for many years.. My core competency is in three areas where I can blow anyone away.

#1 – Market Research.

Having helped over 260 companies through the market research phase and finding hidden
opportunities within VERY competitive markets.. I can do what few others can do. I can not
only verify a market, it’s size and growth… but even paint a picture of who the ideal prospect
in that niche is.

#2 – Copywriting

Since I was a kid, I could tell a story that would captivate. I could get people’s attention and
hold it and very little has changed. Today, after many years of writing copy for emails, landers
sales materials and print… I can say with certainty that my creative skills love being challenged.

#3 – Email Marketing

Many say they’re good at email marketing… yet there’s no gold standard to show levels. I wish
there was. I think many would find that most people successfully hit 5 out of 10 and feel they’re
‘good’. My knowledge and execution of email doesn’t stop at knowing how to write a good
subject line or message, or how to operate over 16 platforms… but extends into a DEEP
knowledge of deliverability, spam boxes and the Gmail promotions tab. I know what it takes
to setup the technology, engage people and get results.