My Special Christmas (Gotta be stupid for doing this) offer...

This Christmas…
A TON of my best tools, and all my secrets…
For one insane price, seriously.

For those who don’t know me… A brief Bio:
I spent nearly three years working in the HP/Compaq, AT&T and Comcast call centers. From there, I took a position teaching online marketing and did that for 4 years. There, I saw a roughly 70% success rate of getting people off their jobs and earning online. In 2008 I started my own online marketing company and took on corporate clients… I would analyze their current situation provide feedback and execute.

These tools are some of the ‘tricks of the trade’ I built for making my life easier. Things like “Which keyword is the easiest to target?” and asking myself “how can I get cheaper Facebook ads, or find people buying my competitors’ products”.

This is a Karma package. It’s a pile of goods valued way lower than it should be, but high enough that it’s not free – to give to friends and fellow agencies. It’s not mean to make me a million bucks, but it could help others in the same space as me.

Recent Feedback on the package:
“No brainer, what a steal” – Larry C. – Web Marketing Agency

What’s in it for you…

#1. My best kept secrets
#2. A few of my strategy guides
#3. Stuff I only give people who work for me…

Yeah, basically I’m going to give away the farm for STUPID cheap.

#1. My tool for Facebook ads (and how I use it)
#2. My Salescopy tools (12 step pdf, 200 power words that excite normal copy, my 7 emotions that sell, 9 headline types, my favorite salesletter)
#3. My emotions doc (for sales copywriting)
#4. My effortless newsletters product (never be stumped for email content again)
#5. My keyword research comp analysis secret (and how I get my social media data for ALL networks easily into Excel)
#6. Export analytics into Excel with a free tool
#7.  Tool for finding most popular current articles on any topic (in my research websites list)
#8. Top places to submit local businesses that are free or almost free (for SEO)
#9. A list of my favorite research tools
#10. My overall web strategy (poster size you can print)
#11. My sales strategy raster/poster
#12. My bubbl poster showing the entire web strategy… (poster size)
#13. 28 different content types you can easily make from any topic (SEO link bait?)
#14. My strategy for turning one article into many other things and then where to submit those.

Bonus : how to make something go viral, and how I hire article writers.

Bonus #2 : My recent presentation on the internet in 2013 and beyond and what’s next.

Bonus #3 : Salescopy and keyword research videos…

Screenshots of what’s included: